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LIVING FAMILY: A new initiative for Catholic families Ireland

LIVING FAMILY is a new initiative for Catholic families supported by former leaders of Youth 2000 Ireland. Families leading families to the heart of the Church. HOLD THIS TREASURE: Reflection given by Fr. Eamonn Monson sac Living Family Retreat Sligo January 7, 2017  

Advent days – Judith Scully, Tarella

It’s December and the days are longer, the air is warm and colour is everywhere. Christmas carols are ringing through shopping malls, Christmas parties have begun and Father Christmas lookalikes are confusing little kids right across the country. Here in bushy Warrandyte it’s bushfire season too, and I‘m in fire-ready mode, my overnight bag packed…

MARY (A Prayer)

MARY (A Prayer)

  Mary, You stand at the crossroads Of time and eternity Intersection of all creation A desire as old as Eden Burning in your soul The yearning of every child Who has graced the earth Embodiment of humanity’s Hope Of Redemption, Restoration You have held in your heart The wandering aridity Of the desert and…

RED: The Colour of Hope – Eamonn Monson sac

The oil in the lamps of the bridesmaids (Matthew 25:1-13) represents the grace that God has given us to help us encounter Christ in our life experience. It is the grace to wait in the time of waiting and it is the grace to go out and meet Him when the time for going out…

Reception of Ministries Nairobi

Pallottine students in Nairobi after they received Ministries of lector and acolyte (Click on the image below to see more photos)

Fr. Joe Campion SAC R.I.P.

Homily For The Funeral of Fr. Joe Campion sac Fr. Joseph Campion, SAC, (1937-2017). Dear Bishop Seamus Freeman, Monsignor Michael Ryan, my dear brothers and sisters (or, as Fr Joe would say, my dear sisters and brothers). We are gathered here today to say ‘slán go fóill’ or ‘adios’ to Fr Joe, or Fr Jose,…

Death of Fr. Phil MacNamara SAC R.I.P.

Fr Philip McNamara, SAC, (1931-2017). Readings Requiem Mass: Ecclesiastes 3:1-11; 1 John 3:1-2 and John 12:23-26 In our Pallottine Community Prayer Book every evening there are three questions/reflections  with the word ‘pause’ printed for thought or consideration. On Tuesday evenings we read ‘Let us consider that one day we must die. Let us pray for…

Celebration of 130 of San Patricio in Mercedes Argentina

Celebration to mark the 130th anniversary of Colegio San Patricio, Mercedes, Buenos Aires, Sunday 8th October 2017. It is a pleasure to greet the Archbishop, Msgr Augustin Radrizzani, the civil authorities present, and you my dear brothers and sisters in faith. We are gathered here today in Christian faith and hope as we give thanks…