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Filming The Pallottines In East Africa

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Filming The Pallottines In East Africa


The American television network EWTN (Global Catholic Network) commissioned a documentary series about the Irish Pallottines in East Africa. Last AugustJass Foley and Kevin de la Isla O’Neil travelled from Ireland to film the series in Kenya and Tanzania over a five-week period.


They filmed and documented the work being done in Nairobi, Arusha, Siuyu, Makiungu, Gallapo and Magugu. The three films in the series will show a day in the life of a Pallottine priest, a Pallottine student and a lay person, as well as providing an overall view of the work being done by the   Pallottines of the Irish Province across East Africa. The films are now in post-production and are due to be broadcast worldwide, including Ireland, in 2014.


Jass and Kevin extend warm thanks to all of the Pallottines in Ireland and East Africa for their generous help and assistance in the making of the series.