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Jubilee Year of Mercy: The Mercy of the Sacred Heart – FATHER PETER JOHN CAMERON, O.P.

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Jesus Christ was a brilliant, mind-boggling teacher whose lessons, insight, and wisdom left even erudite scholars awestruck. And yet there is no feast of the Sacred Mind. What the Church celebrates instead is the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Definitively loved

Which, right from the get-go, reveals something to us: that what really matters in life is not what we do with our brain, but with our heart.  The anonymous English author of The Cloud of Unknowing (14th century) writes: “No one can fullSACRED HEARTy comprehend the uncreated God with his knowledge; but each one, in a different way, can grasp him fully through love.  Truly this is the unending miracle of love: that one loving person, through his love, can embrace God, whose being fills and transcends the entire creation.”

The mystery of the Sacred Heart is one of supreme mercy: Jesus gives us his own love so that we in turn can love God the way God deserves.