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This is an article I wrote in one of my blogs in July 2013. It has been viewed 13,500 times since then – more than anything else I’ve written – so it seems worth presenting again in a time of serious violence against the individual and a time of silence on the question of abortion. I have to confess that I have grown silent because I have lost heart. I look back on this time last year – we marched and prayed and marched and prayed for Life and I really expected what we were doing to make a difference. It seems to have made no difference at all. God did not give us the answer we were seeking, the government totally ignored us and abortion became law on January 1st – the feast of Mary the Mother of God and World Day of Peace. And to crown it all, the government is more popular than it was, a popularity based on the “improving economy”. Money talks!

Two things have stirred me recently – the first is the shocking, demonic, murder of Tom O’Gorman, a man committed to Life, especially the Life of the unborn. What was done to him somehow mirrors what is done to a baby in abortion. Society is naturally shocked and appalled by what was done to Tom. I am haunted by his death, even though I didn’t know him. The manner of his dying has re-awakened in me the horror that is the manner of the dying of the unborn child.

The second thing that stirred me is a funeral I attended recently. The singing was incredibly beautiful and the singer is a practising Catholic and she is one of the TD’s who voted for abortion. I’m sitting there listening to this beautiful sound, beautiful words and I’m wondering was I just a fool last year. Did I get it all wrong? And is it alright in the sight of God to vote for abortion and to be a minister at the altar – minister of music or any other kind of minister.

But something deep in me says I was not wrong or foolilsh. The wolf comes in sheep’s clothing and people are taken in but the wolf is a wolf no matter how it is presented.