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Synod14: Message of the Synod Assembly on the Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization

Pope Francis speech at the conclusion of the Synod

Relatio post disceptationem – Mid Term Report October 13, 2014

Pope tells bishops at family synod to speak fearlessly, listen humbly

“Let nobody say: ‘I can’t say this; they’ll think such-and-such about me,'” Pope Francis told more than 180 bishops and more than 60 other synod participants. “Everyone needs to say what one feels duty-bound in the Lord to say: without respect for human considerations, without fear. And, at the same time, one must listen with humility and welcome with an open heart what the brothers say.”

The pope recalled that, after a gathering of the world’s cardinals in February, one cardinal told him others had hesitated to speak out for fear of disagreeing with the pope. “This is no good, this is not synodality,” the pope said.

“The challenge for this synod is to try to bring back to today’s world, which in some way resembles that of the early days of the Church, the attractiveness of the Christian message about marriage and the family, highlighting the joy which they give, but, at the same time, respond, in a true and charitable way, to the many problems which have a special impact on the family today and emphasizing that true moral freedom does not consists in doing what one feels or living only by one’s feelings but is realized only in acquiring the true good,” Cardinal Erdo

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Family synod: full text of Pope Francis’s homily at opening Mass 0615_news


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