Only You Are Able To Deliver Me – St. Gregory of Narek

As the Good Book foretold, alien, evil forces, stole the wise treasure of my heart. 

Wisdom waned in me, as the Proverb teller says, and evil impulses wgregnaraxed.

I did not fix the eye of my soul on the head of my life, Christ, who would have led me down the straight path.

For in trying to run too quickly, I dug myself in deeper.

In trying to reach the unreachable, I failed to reach my own level.

In pretending to greatness, I slipped from where I was.

From the heavenly path, I sank to the abyss.

Trying to avoid harm, I was permanently debilitated.

Trying to be completely pure, I was corrupted completely.

I dodged to the left, and left myself open from the right.

Chasing the second, I lost the first.

Seeking the insignificant, I forfeited the important.

Keeping the small vow, I broke the covenant.

Trying to break the habit, I picked up a vice.

Avoiding the petty, I fell prey to the weighty.

What I did, I did to myself, which is the worst testimony against me.

Only You are able to deliver me, a captive slave, from these things, restoring to life a soul devoted to death.

For you alone, Lord Christ, revered doer of good, with the boundless glory of the Father and the Holy Spirit are blessed for ever and ever. Amen

(What the Tax Collectors and Prostitutes May Have Prayed For by St. Gregory of Narek in Magnificat December 2015)