Rainbow Of Life – Tresa Shiji Thodathussery csac

rainbow of life 

“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of a covenant between me and the earth… Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.” (Gen 9:13,15) 

rainbowA rainbow is a gracious pledge that God will not destroy the earth a second time with a worldwide flood.  Whenever it appears in the clouds, I am reminded of the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth, because it occurs when raindrops and sunshine cross paths. We can’t have a rainbow without a little rain!

Life is like a rainbow. It has its ups and downs, its brightness and darkness. To be happy and content in life we have to accept paths that may cross ours – pain, sorrow, difficulties and troubles. But when there is a rainbow deep in our hearts, our smile will still shine brightly.

Once a master at an ashram brought in a bunch of flowers. He called three of his disciples and asked, what do you think of these flowers? The first one replied: if I were an accountant, I could buy these flowers but I would want to see the price first. The master told him that he has not understood anything. To the second he asked the same question and he replied that he would buy the flowers and keep them in his room to sleep with their fragrance. The master said that he had not understand anything either. To the third he asked the same question. He took the flowers in his hands, admired them for five minutes and said “Thank God”. [this was a story told by Fr Vittorio Vinci, one of the priests of the Italian Province].

I would like to sing a song of continuous praise to God for His indescribable gift in providing me the opportunity to participate in this annual course on Pallottine spirituality. I am grateful for all the hard work, effort and openness of those organising it, keeping alive the spirituality and charism of St Vincent Pallotti.

Both riches and honour come from You, and You reign over all.

In Your hand is power and might; In Your hand it is to make great and to give strength to all (1 Chron 29, 12-13). 

I thank and praise Your glorious name for the great opportunity that You have provided for me –  

to see the real rainbow of my life deepened and nurtured in the true spirituality of  St Vincent Pallotti. 

Our life is a gift from God and what we do with our life is our gift to God. In this world each one has his own role to play and each one has to respond according to the call received. This spirituality course has really enriched me a lot and deepened my knowledge of the life of our Founder. Visiting places associated with him in the city of Rome has positively enhanced my personal transformation. Walking in his footsteps, experiencing the heritage he left us, and praying in front of his body evoked a feeling and an experience of the beauty of life that he lived and experienced.

‘Diversity creates dimension in the world’. ‘A world without colour appears to be dead’. I think these maxims are true because strength lies in difference, not in similarity. Likewise, because all those on the course, from many different backgrounds, contributed so much together we were able to plan new initiatives in living the gospel, creating a life with our own style of simplicity and humility to witness that God still lives among us and in us.

Travelling together and making pilgrimages together during the course, we developed a close relationship with God and with nature; it led to renewal and personal discovery. Above all the spiritual guidance of the resource persons was a powerful catalyst for change within each of us.

Let us always be positive in painting the rainbow of our own lives……….

Tresa Shiji Thodathussery csac – Rome – ITALY tresa



Asian bulletin #127