Our Founder St Vincent Pallotti writes in the first Volume of his Opere Complete {Complete Works} that all the baptised may have in the Most Holy Mary, after her Son Jesus Christ, the most perfect model of true Catholic zeal and of perfect charity:

For she herself concurred so zealously in working for the greater glory of God, and for the salvation of souls, that although the priestly ministry was not entrusted to her, she surpassed the Apostles in merit to such a degree that the Church deservedly hails her as Queen of the Apostles, and she merited this because far above the Apostles she cooperated in the propagation of the holy Faith. (OOCC, 1, pp 6-7).

Pallotti focusses on Mary in many ways but his two principal titles are as Queen of the Apostles and Mother. The book Pallottiana, refers to Mary as Mother of her Son, but also as Mother of Mercy and so the Refuge of Sinners. The introduction by Pope Francis in 2018 of the Monday after Pentecost, as Mary, Mother of the Church, highlights the unity in Pallotti’s thinking on these two central themes in relation to Mary: Apostle and Mother.

Before a funeral recently I met three brothers awaiting the funeral Mass of their uncle. They related an entire homily recently given:” If I was arrested and accused of ‘being an apostle of Jesus’ would there be enough evidence to convict me? “

The homilist moved then to the Creed but here weeks later his few words were still being considered. As Pope Francis says: ‘Preach and if necessary use words.’

So, hopefully this Feast Day with the assistance of Mary, and the Holy Spirit we may truthfully plead guilty ‘to being an apostle of Jesus, the Son of the Eternal Father.’