Feast of Mary Queen of Apostles and Pentecost

We celebrate on Saturday 14th the feast day of our Patroness and it is good to recall some words of St. Vincent Pallotti, he wrote “Both the Union of Catholic Apostolate and the community of the priests and brothers were founded under the special protection of Blessed Mary, Queen of Apostles.

Through her most powerful intercession Mary asks for the graces, gifts and mercies that each one needs.”

As we celebrate this day let us commit ourselves to asking Mary to intercedes for us, that we ourselves and all the members of our Province, may receive the graces, gifts and mercies which each of us is in need of at this time.

On Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost and in the Gospel we will proclaim the words of Jesus “Peace be with you”, words of forgiveness and consolation he directed to the apostles who had left him alone in his passion. Jesus then breathed on them and sent them out to continue his mission, to be instruments of mercy and reconciliation in the world. 

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy we know that the Mercy of God is his power to transform our world and we are co-operators with him bringing peace, forgiveness and above all mercy, the infinite mercy of God to others. 

In the Bull of Indiction Pope Francis refers to God’s nature as “Patient and merciful”; may we be patient and merciful with all those with whom we come in contact, either in ministry of outside of it.

God bless and happy feast day(s)

Derry Murphy