Ordination of Jaimie Twohig SAC


Fr. Ted Sheehan PP and Jaimie Twohig SACA YOUNG Cork man will see a boyhood dream realised when he answers God’s calling this weekend.

“Everyone is created by God and absolutely loved by him. However, their dignity is not always upheld. Of late we are seeing people across the world suffering a loss of dignity and that fills me with a lot of sadness.”

During his free time, the soon-to-be priest enjoys watching soccer and playing guitar.
“I love soft rock music. Spirit Radio is probably my favourite station to listen too. A lot of the Christian Music is really uplifting and they’ll often throw in the odd Ed Sheeran song too! Singing and playing the guitar are among my hobbies. And while I love soccer – I support Liverpool – I don’t like the money around it.”

Jamie hopes to lend a compassionate ear to his parishioners.

“I can’t express how much this means to me in words. This is such a huge honour, there are times when I don’t even feel worthy. There’s going to be 300 people in attendance including my family. I’m really looking forward to being united with Christ in such a special way.”

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