Filled with Envy of the Proud

I was filled with envy of the proud
    when I saw how the wicked prosper.

For them there are no pains;
    their bodies are sound and sleek.
They have no share in men’s sorrows;
    they are not stricken like others.

They wear their pride like a necklace

So the people turn to follow them
    and drink in all their words.
They say: ‘How can God know?
    Does the Most High take any notice?’
Look at them, such are the wicked,
    but untroubled, they grow in wealth.

I strove to fathom this problem,
    too hard for my mind to understand,
until I pierced the mysteries of God
    and understood what becomes of the wicked.

Like a dream one wakes from, O Lord,
    when you wake you dismiss them as phantoms.

And so when my heart grew embittered
    and when I was cut to the quick,
I was stupid and did not understand,
    no better than a beast in your sight.

Yet I was always in your presence;
    you were holding me by my right hand.
You will guide me by your counsel
    and so you will lead me to glory.

What else have I in heaven but you?
    Apart from you I want nothing on earth.
My body and my heart faint for joy;
    God is my possession for ever.

From Psalm 73