July 4th 2024 – 48th Anniversary

The 4th of July 2024 marks the 48th anniversary of the death of our five Province members in San Patricio, Belgrano in 1976.

In our Obituary List for the Province there are seven anniversaries occurring on July 4th: 

Fr Charles Mc Carthy (1905-1932) and the
tudent Patrick Dwyer (1913-1935) along with the five: 

Fr Alfred Leaden (born 1919); 

Fr Alfred Kelly (born 1933) 

Fr Peter Dudau (born 1908) ; 

Salvador Barbeito (born 1949) and 

Jose Emilio Barletti (born 1952).

I am noticing this year the brevity of these lives and refer to the following from the Letters of St Vincent Pallotti {OCL 1,46)

Brief Life:

And then! And then? And then you die.
The hour is uncertain,
Brief life fleeting time
Today alive Tomorrow dead.
One God! One moment! One Eternity!
One God who sees us
One Moment that escapes us
One eternity that awaits us.

May They Rest in Peace

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