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  1. I would like to locate a Video about two Irish Priests (actual brothers from the same family) who were filmed in their area (maybe Africa).

    The Video was about 30 minutes. and the brothers had a very wide area to cover to visit their parishioners.

    The video was shown on EWTN some years ago- I contacted EWTN and they mentioned it might be the Pallettines —-but I am not sure about that.

    Would appreciate a response …thank you.

    Bridget Hunt
    Santa Monica

    • Dear Bridget,
      I have just read your query.
      I don’t think this video was about Pallottines. We have had several sets of brothers from the same family who were members of our Province but never working in Africa at the same time. The last remaining pair are both now in their 80s and while one of them did work in Africa up until 1992 the other brother worked in the US.
      God bless and I hope that your search is fruitful.

      Derry Murphy, SAC.

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