Our Lady of Lujan May 8th

Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our Mother. Our Lady of Luján, You oh dearest Patron of our Homeland; we come before you raising our eyes and our arms towards you… great Mother of Hope, of the poor and of pilgrims, listen to us…

Today we ask you for Argentina, for our people. We ask you to illuminate our beloved nation with the sun of justice, that the light of a new morning be the light of Jesus. Please light the new fire of love between us Argentine brothers and sisters. .

We who are united under the blue and white of our flag, and the colours of your mantle, we tell you that on a day like today many houses need material bread, but mainly the bread of truth and justice is needed in many minds. We ask you to bring the bread of love between brothers and sisters, and the bread of Jesus is missing in hearts.

New image of Our Lady of Lujan, Colegio San Patricio, Mercedes

We ask you mother Luján, that above all you extinguish hatred, that you end excessive ambitions, that you do not allow the feverish desire for material goods and spread on our soil, the seed of humility, of understanding. Remove the weeds of pride, eradicate the Cain who may plant their tent on our soil, but we ask that no innocent Abel bathe our streets with his blood.

Mother help us to see each other as brothers and sisters, that we are under the same sky, and under the same flag. That we share the same sorrows but also the same joys. Fill us with your hope, relieve our material and spiritual poverty and that holding your hand let us say louder than ever: ARGENTINA! ARGENTINA, SING AND WALK!