Pardon In The Sand (A Meditation on John 8)

I am the woman discovered undercover, caught in the act, exhumed from hiding beneath skin and flesh; the secret desirings of heart and mind.

I am the boy who took refuge there, a place of escape and safe solace. My habitual habitation.

I am every one who exists on the outside, the other side of right.

And there is nothing that will not be revealed In the end.

This is my end. The law abiding strong throng, my orthodox accuser with only one solution – The right of righteousness.

I am petrified, panic stricken stood bowed, barely able to breathe.

What will the first struck stone feel like?

What part of me will bleed and break before I am all blood broken bone splintered?

I gasp for air, for life.

But God is merciful, He who alone is Good stands upright, sees all that I am – ALL – yet takes me into Himself.

He bends down so that my bending now has no shame in it.

And He writes my Pardon In the sand. Great is His Name. Amen!