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  1. Dear fr
    I am inquiring about the retreating march.
    What does it entail.
    Is it family tree?
    Is there any spaces left ?
    What is the price ?
    Thank you

    • Dear Caroline,
      Many thanks for your query.
      Best to contact the College in Thurles and they can give you the information. Telephone 0504 21202.

      God bless.

  2. Delighted you’re in Lourdes, Eamonn Please pray for my intentions.My sister Ita fell today and got some stitches in forhead. Also pray that I’ll grow close to the Lord and Our Lady May you too increase your great love for Mary. With. Love Ger

  3. greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ please I will like to know how to forward my letter to the vacation director due to the love I developed after reading about the pallotine fathers

    • Dear Edward,

      I have received your query. It depends on the country you are living in, can you tell me where you live and I will direct you to the vocations director.

      God bless.

  4. A great day for all Pallottines and may their prayers and intercessions be answered and may many be drawn to follow Christ as priests, brothers sisters and lay people

  5. Thanks for the opportunity to join with you in prayer and to be part of the Novena prayer. May you all have a happy day. I congratulate you on the wonderful photography early in the morning! Have a happy day!

  6. Thanks for including in this Novena, may we all be united in prayer and be strengthened by our joining together in prayer. Thanks also for commentary on your beautiful Morning experience.Praise the Lord for his wonders.

  7. Its a privilege to join with the Pallottine Fathers,Sisters, Brothers and associates. May Our Lady Queen of apostles intercede for us all.

  8. Lovely to get to know Vincent Pallotti`s spirituality and to join with all his followers in prayer Thank You.

  9. Interesting reading–I`ve taught children of all ages for the Sacraments but I always go back to my early teaching days when in a country school they received Communion in Senior Infants these wee kids were so open to the love of Jesus that they have been etched on my heart ever since.

  10. Grazie del profondo messaggio. Veramente, Jesus trovando posto di nascere e crescere nel nostro cuore, Lui si fa presente nel mondo e permite lo svilupo della justizia e pace. Buon Natale a tutti/e.