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  1. Congratulations to you all,
    May god bless and keep you

  2. Congratulations to these jubilarians! I have only been blessed to know one of them, Seamus Freeman, whom I first met in Australia in 1985 and whom I last visited in 2016. He has given a lot to the SAC but has also given much to the UAC. He remains always in my prayers as I pray that he be blessed with peace and love at this stage of his life.

  3. We have wonderful memories of Fr. O’Dwyer
    at St. Elizabeth’s University Parish in Lubbock, Texas. Our son was his alter server for a period of time. Our daughter was at Texas Tech and before a big exam she would visit with Fr. Mike. He has been a strong force in our family. 🙏❤️🙏

  4. I worked with Fr. Mike in Lubbock, Texas. The were blessed years and I thank Fr. Mike for his kindness and dedication. God bless you. Sr. Betty Preston, MMB
    Liberty, Mo.

  5. Hi Michelle, this is Eamonn. Derry and I were talking on the phone about how important you were in Michael’s life. So calm, so gentle, so loving, dedicated and a very good listener. Thank you so much for your kindness to me, to us whenever we visited. Michael’s passing will leave a big empty space in your life so take good care of yourself. God bless you.

    • Thank you Eamonn. He certainly was a big part of my life and I loved him dearly.

      Michael spoke fondly of you and your family and he did say after your most recent visit that he thought it would be the last. He was content with that as he had been worried about you but seeing you seemed to give him some relief.

      Your memories of Michael made my smile as I can picture him to a tee! Typical Greenock bhoy! I’m sure going to miss his sense of humour!

      I am truly sorry for your loss too Eamonn….one day at a time.

      Much love, God bless

  6. Descansa em paz na cama do céu, Michael! Emocionante a vida de Michael. Lindo testemunho de amor e paixão pela vida.

  7. Felices Pascuas Fr. Derry de parte de la familia Kechnie.

  8. Meus sentimentos a vocês que sofrem a perda de mais un membro da Província e muito jovem ainda. Nossas preces pelo repouso eterno do Pe. Hernan e que Deus conforte os irmãos e familiares. Intercede pelos seus, Hernan, junto de Deus!
    Força, coragem e fé neste momento difícil e doloroso????

  9. Please Can A Priest Bless 1 St Anthony Padua Relic Prayer Card
    I Can’t Get it to You in Person

  10. Please Dear Irish Pallotines Amen
    Please I Beg You on my Knees to Please Pray a 54 day Rosary Novena for me Derek Gerard Solomon
    For the Past 24 years I’ve been living in a house that is possessed with Devils

  11. A beautiful story and one for you to be so grateful for the privilege of being present at his beside in his last days. It cant have been easy for you either as it all takes time. Thank God for your unselfishness in making yourself available to spend time with these beautiful people who are in such need of spiritual help.

  12. Sincerest congratulations and. Blessings.
    Fr. Vincent Kelly sac
    Cork, Ireland.