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  1. Please pray for repose of souls of Fr. Antonio, Fr. Olivio, Fr. Romulo, Fr. Saldanha, Sr. Claire, Sr. Beatrice, Sr. Celine, Sr. Gemma, Ms. Victoria Conceisao, Mr. Aleixo Silva, Ms. Sucorinha Gomes, Ms. Lilia Conceisao, Ms. Leonora Correia, Mr. Peter Correia and Mr. Joseph Conceisao.

  2. Congratulations to Fr. Liam
    He is indeed a very hardworking man and well able for the position. As a parishioner of St. Partick’s parish Corduff and a board member of the senior school we shall miss his expertise at the board on matters education. May I say congratulations to the others elected to the leadership more especially Fr. Martin and Fr. Mike who I know personally. May God be your light as you take up the mantle of leadership

  3. Dear Fr.Derry,Wishing you every success and contentment in your new adventure.Always enjoyed your visits to St.Annes Church Shankill.God Bless You.

  4. Fr Derry
    Wishing you many blessings in the next chapter of your life you have gone above and beyond in your role the last nine years may god reward your work going forward godbless you keep well and stay safe
    Eileen Connolly

  5. Tantíssimi auguri Dr. Liam per la nuova missione. Lo Spirito Santo ti illumine. Ti sono vicino nella preghiera. Buona missione. Dio vi benédica.

  6. Congratulations Fr, best of luck with the move
    The Kelsh family

  7. Congratulations Fr Liam. Best wishes as you take up your new post as Provincial. You are representing the North well! Take care.

  8. Joan Lafferty
    Congratulations Fr Liam and best of luck in new role

    Cathy Desmond
    Congratulations Fr. Liam. God bless you in your new role as provincial.

    Claire Stanton Cleary
    Every blessing on your change of status. Garry joins me in congratulations. “I arise today, Through God’s strength to pilot me,, God’s might to uphold me etc . (Prayer of St. Patrick).

    Joseph Cormican
    Congratulations to all, all excellent appointments, wish you God’s Blessings on your work

    Kay Larkin
    Congratulations fr liam may God be with you

    David McGuinness
    Congrats Liam great news. Best of luck in the new role!

    Sarah Byrne
    Congratulations Fr Liam and may God bless you always ❤

    Kathleen Flanagan
    Congratulations Fr.Liam .🙏🙏

    Joe Kelly
    Congratulations Father Liam

  9. Congratulations fr liam
    On becoming provincial best wishes
    Eileen Connolly

  10. Sentimentos ao Padre Jaimie e familiares. A fé e a esperança os fortaleça. Descanse em paz para San

  11. It was a great blessing to have met you in Medjugorje Ciaran in June 2019 .You are remembered in our prayers and may our blessed mother continue to guide and protect you on your journey to the Priesthood .

  12. Ciaran what a lovely genuine story .
    I’m so proud of u as I take the Carragher family as being very very close to my own family .U r an unbelievable strong ,kind ,thoughtful , caring ,brave beyond words , U r the best example of a true gentleman that I’m honoured to b associated with . How many times would I have fallen on the rocks in Medjugorge only for grabbing Ur shoulder as u stopped to let me do so and because of this I reached within a few metres of Marijano receiving her beautiful apparition from Our Lady .Thanks Ciaran . What a journey and I constantly think of the tears weeping down from Christ s knees as He hung on The Cross . When one witnesses such drops of tears being shed ” What more would any one want “! .Difficult to get friends to believe but I saw this happening with my own eyes as well u know .
    I now am certain God is ……and I hope He awaits to welcome me into His kingdom .. Ciaran u r a great person and thanks for helping me realize and obtain such satisfaction and divine knowledge. Please keep me in Ur thoughts and prayers . PLEASE .

  13. Hi Ciaran
    I really enjoyed reading your testimony. It is so sincere and honest. I have the cross you gave me from Medjugorie hanging up in my classroom. The children in the class include you and your intentions in our Rosary everyday.
    God Bless

  14. My daughter Cliodhna and I have been praying for you Ciaran after your good friend Brian mentioned your discerning the priesthood. It was great to meet you at mass in St Mary’s a few times. You have a wonderful example of priesthood in Fr John whom I’ve had the privilege of knowing through prayer and word community. May Mother Mary draw you closer to her son and be assured of our continued prayers.

  15. Brilliant ciaran lovely read good luck in next step

  16. Lovely to read. You are wonderful person and we take courage and bravery from your story. God bless and please keep us all in ypur daoly prayers. Glenda mcnicholl

  17. Lovely to read your story Ciaran. Great inspiration for others.

  18. Ciaran, I dont know you but enjoyed reading your very inspirational story. I just wanted to wish you every blessing on your journey. A pilgrimage to Medjugorie is on my wish list. May God bless you.

  19. A remarkable reflection of your faith and the great person you are Ciaran. Best of luck.

  20. Fair play, Ciaran.
    Your faith has always shone in the many years I’ve known you and you showed huge courage to take the steps you have.
    I wish you every success in the remainder of your studies and beyond.

  21. Fair play to to you Ciaran, my prayers are with you, I hope all goes well for you on road you have chosen, Please say a prayer for me and my family, I’m proud to have known you. Thank you.😊👍

  22. Lovely testimony . May God bless you on your journey always.

  23. Hi Ciaran , really enjoyed reading your testimony , I understand your love of Medjugorie , as you know my husband Brian and I love being there , for me personally while I’m praying at the blue cross is the most peaceful and holy place on earth , best wishes for the future , answering Gods call to the priesthood is a truly powerful gift from God , knowing u Ciaran as a friend and especially a true and lovely friend to Brian , God bless u

  24. To train as a priest today takes great courage.
    Your strong faith will sustain you.
    God bless you Ciaran…always praying for you through the great intecesessor Our Blessed Mother Mary..

  25. Brilliant read Ciaran.
    Takes me back to memories of the youth club when you were a leader in the faith friends for confirmation.

  26. Delighted for you Ciaran. It takes real courage and a strong faith to do what you have. I’m sure your story will be an inspiration for others.

  27. Fantastic testimony Ciaran, I’m proud to be able to call you one of my closest friends. God bless you always, no matter what the future holds.

    • Take care brother, pray for us who remain: always a true gentleman and, as always, an honest account.

  28. This is the mark of true faith for me when you hand your live over to Christ an unreservedly accept his will.
    God bless Ciaran

  29. I wish every blessing of God to the Novice Master and the Novices – Fr. John, Pat and Ciaran. It is indeed a happy thing to see that we are going to have another Pat O’Dwyer! Thanks to the young men for making the choice for the Pallottines.
    It’s good to be a Pallottine. It’s good to be also a good and joyous Pallottine full of zeal for the Lord, for our Founder and for the people of God. I am sure Fr. John will inspire you with good singing.

  30. Also remembering Fr Patrick O’Donaghue, Fr Henry Madden, Fr Chris Maher, Fr Vincent Shalvey, Fr John Bergin and Fr ?? Kennedy who all served in Barking England. May they and all deceased of our dear Pallottines Rest in Peace.

  31. To All our Pallottine Friends,

    We are so sorry to learn of the death of Fr. Victor and wish to extend our condolences to all, most especially his family and friends in Tanzania. May his gentle soul rest in Peace.
    Anne (Wrafter) and Anika Babel

  32. Father Victor is in our prayers. His sister Opportuna was also well loved in our congregation MMM. I first met Victor as a brother when I first traveled to the Missions in 1966. A group of Pallottine Brothers was on the same Rptim KLM fight in May 1966. They were returning to Tanzania and I got off at Entebbe ,Uganda. I met Father Victor again in 1978 when assigned to Tanzania. His visit were always welcomed as he had a warm smile and a hearty laugh. If one came in from outside the room you would think it was a man from Ireland. May your gentle soul Rest in Peace

  33. Remembering Fr Noel on the first anniversary of his passing. A special friend who we talk about often because of the lovely memories he gave to us when in Africa and in the Homestead in Dundrum.
    May his kind and gentle soul Rest in Peace in the arms of the Lord.

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  35. I’m interested in the origin / attribution of the icon of St. Joseph. Do you have any information? Thank you.

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  37. Descansa em paz na cama do céu, Michael! Emocionante a vida de Michael. Lindo testemunho de amor e paixão pela vida.

  38. Beautiful tribute. He will be sorely missed.

    Hope you are well Fr Eamonn. Take care.

    • Hi Michelle, this is Eamonn. Derry and I were talking on the phone about how important you were in Michael’s life. So calm, so gentle, so loving, dedicated and a very good listener. Thank you so much for your kindness to me, to us whenever we visited. Michael’s passing will leave a big empty space in your life so take good care of yourself. God bless you.

      • Thank you Eamonn. He certainly was a big part of my life and I loved him dearly.

        Michael spoke fondly of you and your family and he did say after your most recent visit that he thought it would be the last. He was content with that as he had been worried about you but seeing you seemed to give him some relief.

        Your memories of Michael made my smile as I can picture him to a tee! Typical Greenock bhoy! I’m sure going to miss his sense of humour!

        I am truly sorry for your loss too Eamonn….one day at a time.

        Much love, God bless

  39. What a lovely tribute to fr Michael
    Eamonn sad times we are in a virtual hug I send you xx
    My condolences to you and all
    fr Michael’s family the pallottine community the bed of Heaven to him

  40. Spent a brilliant week in Lourdes with Michael not long after his diagnosis, I was his engine for the week, courtesy of Mon. Charlie Cavanagh, haven’t laughed as much for a long time, Rest in peace Michael.

  41. May Father Michael rest in the light of God’s everlasting peace, as he gazes on the splendour of God’s face eternally…….

  42. With fond memories and sincere condolences. I grew up in the same area as Michael and remember him well. He made a big impression on pupils in Port Glasgow, celebrating Mass in his wheelchair.
    May he rest in peace.

    • HI John , I remember Fr Michael and your good self very well I am a wee Strone Bhoy as well I do believe I had the pleasure of working with Michael in Scotts shipyard in the early 70s , bless his eternal memory, P.S. I am Francis feesky Donnelly of Crawberry rd take care I will remember Michael in my daily recitation of the Rosary.

  43. Descanse em paz Michael. Deus te acolhe na vida eterna. Sentimentos e preces aos que sofrem pela sua morte. ????

  44. Rest in Peace Fr Michael. ??? I remember you from when you were in Barking (England) Parish in the mid 70s. ???

  45. Dear Fr. Derry,
    I have been thinking about you and praying for you and all of the
    Irish Pallottine Missionaries. I as many others miss deeply not being able to celebrate the Mass in St. Joseph and receive the Eucharist. What a change for all of us. I could never have begun to imagine the closing of churches. The weather in Wyandotte is finally beginning to feel like spring. We have faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless and keep all of you safe.
    Cathy Koch

    I pray that GOD our HEAVENLY Father will protect you from this terrible virous.
    I also need to as for your prayers for my family to keep us together because for over 4yrs my oldest son has stopped speaking to his sister she has tried on numerous occasions to speak to him and she has sent him a lot of tex but he never reply’s I have tried all I can think of nothing works and yes I have prayed
    So please HOLY FATHER PLEASE PRAY THAT HE MAKES IT EP WITH HIS SISTER DONNA AND SON SIMON all I ever wanted was a happy holy family

  47. Que son âme repose en paix par la Miséricorde de Dieu

  48. Padre Hernán, que descanses en paz!
    Gracias por explicar la Palabra de Dios de una manera tan simple y con tanta llegada al alma.
    Gracias a vos las misas significaron para mí un momento de encuentro con Dios y vos fuiste ese puente.
    Disfruta de la presencia del Señor!

  49. Que seas infinitamente amado, infinitamente perdonado infinitamente iluminado, que estés con aquellos que siempre amaste y admiraste y te precedieron, y sobre todo, que seas infinitamente abrazado por nuestro Padre. Que así sea.

  50. Meus sentimentos a vocês que sofrem a perda de mais un membro da Província e muito jovem ainda. Nossas preces pelo repouso eterno do Pe. Hernan e que Deus conforte os irmãos e familiares. Intercede pelos seus, Hernan, junto de Deus!
    Força, coragem e fé neste momento difícil e doloroso????

  51. Please Can A Priest Bless 1 St Anthony Padua Relic Prayer Card
    I Can’t Get it to You in Person

  52. Dia dhaoibh
    I hope you are keeping well and not too cold!

    You may have heard about the 1 in 10 Rosary Mission. The idea is to get 1 in 10 people in Ireland to pray the Rosary, or a decade a day.

    Archbishop Eamon Martin has become the patron of the campaign. We saw extraordinary things happen in Hungary and Austria when they got 1 in 10 people to pray the Rosary.

    It could take 5 years.

    Would you  be able to keep this intention in your daily prayers?
    Thank you

    God bless,

  53. Please Dear Irish Pallotines Amen
    Please I Beg You on my Knees to Please Pray a 54 day Rosary Novena for me Derek Gerard Solomon
    For the Past 24 years I’ve been living in a house that is possessed with Devils

  54. Conheci Pe. Kevin, se é o que viveu na Argentina. Um santo homem de Deus!
    Descanse em paz e interceda por nós!

  55. A beautiful story and one for you to be so grateful for the privilege of being present at his beside in his last days. It cant have been easy for you either as it all takes time. Thank God for your unselfishness in making yourself available to spend time with these beautiful people who are in such need of spiritual help.

  56. Please God he’ll respond to treatment and return. Perhaps thhe best treatment is acceptance as a person, not easy and you’ve given that, and he obviously knows that l’ll pray for him Ger.

  57. May the God of Love and compassion be your guide Eamonn. May He give you the perseverance needed to bring some light and compassion to his obvious suffering.l pray for you both. Ger

  58. Trying to locate a video of two Palattine Priests ….maybe in Africa ….
    (they were actual brothers..from same family). This Vido was shown on EWztN a few years ago…but I missed the title.

    Can you please help ?

    Thank you.

  59. Sincerest congratulations and. Blessings.
    Fr. Vincent Kelly sac
    Cork, Ireland.

  60. For Michael, got to know you after you said mass for my deceased nephew in corduff ireland. I will never forget how I quickly was absorbed in the nature of your kind gentle heart. You turned out to be a friend and I can only sad it is so sad that you have had to depart this life but I know our lord is up there with open arms waiting on the man who brought so much love and kindness to those he In came in contact with and that was everyone. He gave his whole self to us all and that is why Fr Michael you are so loved around the world and you will be so sadly missed. Rest In Peace my dear friend x??

  61. It was with great sadness to hear of Fr. Michael’s passing. He was a great friend to me and my late husband Peter and to all our family. We have known him since he was at Our Lady of the Visitation Parish, Greenford.
    May He Rest In Eternal Peace In heaven with his parents and brothers.

  62. A priest who served many with a heart of Jesus. He smiled always to plant a seed of life and happiness in the family. May the loving Lord rest his soul in peace

  63. Rest in peace FR Michael … I remember you well from Greenford …. you are now surely in a lovely place … gone too soon.

  64. He had
    a beautiful soul, loved everyone and no one was every excluded. Made it a point to know your name and went out of his way to greet you in his loving Irish way…He will be sincerely missed. Fr Mike rest in th arms of Jesus and receive your eternal reward. Please pray for us.

  65. I have such fond memories of Fr Michael from Our lady Of The Visitation School and Cardinal Wiseman in Greenford. He was one of the kindest, caring, compassionate people I’ve ever met.
    I’m extremely saddened to hear about his passing
    Rest in Peace Fr Michael xxx

  66. Father Cremin helped me move to Cork three years ago. He was extremely loved in the small, but powerful community of Wyandotte, Michigan. It’s ironic that I am in his country and he passed in my neighbourhood. Until we meet once more, Father Michael, enjoy Paradise!

  67. I feel privileged to have had my loving cousin Fr. Michael as part of our family. What a beautiful person he was, so kind and caring. Fr. Michael always had a way of leaving me with a sense of peace and serenity whenever we met. My wife Ber and I were honoured to have had Fr Michael officiate at our wedding, 30 years ago and he made it a very special and memorable day for us, bringing lots of love and humour to the occasion. As a pure coincidence we met up last year on one of his regular visits to Cork and happened to meet at a coffee shop right next to the church where he married us on the same day and almost same time where we had married us 29 years previous. We visited the church and said a few prayers together and he gave me a beautiful blessing.

    Following the year of my Father’s passing we vacationed with Fr. Michael and members of my family in Florida. Fr. Michael was able to make us laugh during that difficult time. He was always a beam of positivity and had a wicked sense of humour.

    May he rest in peace and be reunited with his beautiful family in heaven.


    Pat, Ber and Lorna
    Cork City, Ireland

  68. 5 years ago, at a mass to celebrate my parents 60th wedding anniversary, he sang a beautiful Irish love song to them. This year he celebrated mass for their 65th. Along with that a wonderful story of his Da on Father’s day. I’m so blessed to have witnessed these this the last year of a life well lived.

  69. Fr mike was my first cousin, he grew up in Togher,Cork city together with his brothers Tony and Kieran and thier mom aunty Josie.This was s stones throw from where we were brought up in Bishopstown. Mikes dad John Joe and my dad Denis were brothers together with there other brothers Billy and Fr mike Snr and his sister Kathleen they were born and raised in Cahill Ville,St Luke’s Cork..Mike was Cork by nature born and raised, and educated in Christ Ri.. initially and onwards to his religious studies. Mike was truly a good guy, kind and sincere.. with a a warm and sweet nature which touched us all.. smart with a great personality, his sense of humour made us laugh and sometimes his singing made us cry, he had a great voice and whether it be singing the “green fields of France or “the red rose cafe” he loved to sing and make people feel happy.. he was truly a people person, gave time to everyone no matter who they were.. if he wasn’t a priest he would have been a great entrepreneur.. mike has a special gift he got on with everyone and gave his time equally to one and all.. we shared many a time growing up, weddings aniversaeys funerals etc etc and I will always remember him to be a warm and engaging personality that included all.. mike was truly a legend in his own right and We as a family will fondly remember him.. May god bless him and may he rest in peace.. xx

    • Sorry for your great loss. I knew Fr Michael through his friendship with my brother. It was an honor to have known him. A truly lovely man. May he Rest In Peace.

  70. Rest in peace Father Michael . You were a great friend to me

  71. RIP Father Michael old neighbor’s of ours on Edward Walsh Road Togher. He brought me to mount mellary with his parents when I was a child.

  72. Michael,

    May you rest gently in the arms of the King of Kings. You ARE one of a kind and heaven is more a REALITY because I know you have arrived safely. ➕ Shalom my friend.
    Michéal Ryan

  73. I am so sorry to hear of Michaels death I lost contact with him 55 years ago when I left school in Colaiste Chriost RI in Cork, we sat together and were friends during that time. In all those years I never forgot him and often wondered what happened to him, 3 months ago at a golf outing I met a person who knew Michael and he gave me the run down on his life. I was pleased to hear of the life he made for himself, He was a gentle caring person all those years ago and to read all the comments on here it is clear that was how he lived his life. May you rest in peace Michael.

  74. I always enjoyed Fr. Mike’s sermons. They were very entertaining.

    R.l.P. Fr. Mike.

  75. An amazing man…from an amazing family…and an amazing friend who was truly a guardian angel to many of us.

  76. Rest in peace Fr. MICHAEL.RIP. We always enjoyed your company in Charleville.

  77. Happy memories of our pilgrimage to Lourdes. Fr Michael sang his heart out!
    May he rest now in peace in God’s arms

  78. Rest in Peace Fr Michael Cremin such a kind Gentle & humorous man . Happy memories of you at Cardinal Wiseman School in Greenford. Remember your cheery smile & always so approachable . Thinking of your family & loved ones at this sad time . Prayers & best wishes from Claire Gammell & family XXX

  79. Riep father cremin
    Will always remember you and your kind eyes and singing thanks for being a part of my life will never forget you

  80. This was a very special man and priest. He married my wife and I 31 years ago. I remember going to marriage classes and having the best time ever. My wife is not catholic but loved him and his approach to life and religion. May he rest in peace because I’m sure he will bring something special to where he is going in heaven. We are living proof that he could unite anybody. Rest in peace Fr Michael ❤️


  82. Rest in peace Father and thank you for everything that you did for me and how you helped us.

  83. Very sad to hear about Michael’s passing. He has helped me and many other like me when i arrived at the Cardinal Wiseman High School in Greenford, West London. He was centre of attraction of the playground. Singing and Dancing to entertain kids, I still remember him walking in the school grounds picking up the litter left by students, saying that his dad used to do it and was asked to do the same.
    When he baptised my baby brother, after the ceremony, he put him down expecting him to be able to walk. The brother was old enough to walk but was too lazy to do so. So Michael, put him down to go to mum and dad and obviously, he crashed. A few days later the brother walked everywhere lol.
    Another time when he came to my mums wedding and ended up spending most of the evening with my grandad. Micheal only knew a few french words and my grandad only spoke the local patois that has nothing to do about french. The 2 of them spent the evening drinking wine and in deep conversations.
    When I finished my National Service, I went to visit him in Ireland, where he made me visit great part of his homeland. Ended up spending a lot of time with a family he knew for a baptism. No he did not put the kid on the floor… But the family ended up being neighbours from a few doors down to where I grew up.
    He was a good man and he will be sadly missed. Rest in peace my friend.

  84. Sad sad to hear the news. He was a good man. Helped me and many others at Cardinal Wiseman High School in Greenford when we fisrt got to the country 30 years ago. Always the entertainer in the playground. Always picking up litter, as it was what his dad used to do and used to make him do to too. I will always remember when he baptised my baby brother. He thought he was able to walk, put him on the floor and asked to go to mum and dad. Of course the brother crashed. A week later he walked everywhere.

    Even with little french, he could hold a conversation with my grandada who not only did not speak any english but only spoke our local patois during my mums wedding party.

    Made me discover a great part of Ireland when I went to visit after my national service. Ended up visiting my neighbours who knew him too… anyway. He was a great man. Its a shame i did not know where he went or what he was up to. You will be missed Micheal. May you rest in peace.

  85. Rest in peace fr Michael
    You left a lasting impression from your time serving in st patricks parish dublin ireland

    • Rip fr micheal you where a great man in Corduff always helped anyone

  86. May you rest in peace Fr Michael. You were always lovely. May God hold you close.

  87. Rest in peace Father Cremin, I remember you from my school days. Always ringing the bell every Friday morning trying to gather people for Mass. Ready to talk to whoever would listen about God and salvation. Thank you for all your kind words. Xxxx

  88. May eternal rest be granted you Fr. And may perpetual light shine upon you.

  89. Such a wonderful priest. It was my honor to have known him. How my mom would look forward to going to mass just to see him. “Momma Momma Momma” he would say to her as he held her hands. He buried my Dad. He was the kindest gentlest man with the biggest heart. I am so so sad. There is no doubt he is in heaven praying for all of us. You will be missed. God bless you Father Mike for all the joy and blessings you have given us. You will be so missed.

  90. May the perpetual light shine upon you Father Michael Cremin. R.I.P. my dear friend . We will miss you Father Michael !????

  91. A great man and priest in St. Patricks parish Corduff

  92. Descanse junto de Deus, Pe. Michael Cremin. Sentimentos à família e irmãos de comunidade Palotina.
    Que do céu interceda pelos que sofrem sua ausência. Descanse em paz.

  93. What great priest and friend
    So sad to learn of his passing. He was definitely one of the good ones.
    He worked so hard and so long thru all the closing of different parishes, all the up and downs.
    He’s with God now and his family….?

  94. When one was around Fr. Mike, you truly felt the presence of Christ on earth right next to you. He was an inspiration to so many people, influencing us in moving closer to Christ on this earthly journey. May he Rest In Peace for eternity.

  95. Fond memories of you in Corduff. Rest in Peace Fr. Michael.

  96. Very sad to hear of Michaels untimely death. Memories of a lovely Man. From the Jones family in ireland

  97. So much love for Fr. Mike. He will be missed in this life but I believe we meet again. In the meantime pray for us as we will remember him always. Always will remember his songs and his jokes and most of all his heartfelt homilies. A humble man of God. ????????????

  98. He was a very good man of God and deeply loved and respected by many .He will be missed Rest In Peace Father Mike say hi to my mom and late husband he officiated at both of there funerals they also liked him

  99. Rest in peace Fr Michael Cremin. May the perpetual light shine upon you.

  100. We are so deeply saddened by the sudden passing of my brother in law Michael…. his nephew Conor and his niece Christina and their late father Kieran will always think and remember him with much love and wonderful memories…. all our thoughts and prayers are with all of u whom had the privilege of knowing him .Linda Cremin

    • I hope your family knew peace before he left us too soon.

    • Dear Linda
      We had the awesome privilege to get to know Fr. Mike. He spoke fondly of you. He spoke with his mother on the phone every morning before she passed on. There wasn’t a dry eye at Mass on Wednesday when we heard the news. We will miss him greatly. If only I could hear him sing one more time.

  101. Totally heartbroken. Father Michael officiated our wedding in St. Patrick’s parish in Corduff Dublin 18 years ago. A great family friend over the years I will miss him greatly. A brilliant man. RIP my dear pal. From the Dawnay and O Connor family.

  102. I’m so sorry for the loss of a wonderful person. I remember Fr Michael from his time here in St. Patrick’s Parish Corduff Blanchardstown. He would enter a building singing and spreading joy to all who met him. Rest In Peace Michael.

  103. Fondly remembered from 1985 Pallottine celebrations in Rome.
    May he rest in peace.

  104. Fr. Michael was so much more than a man of the cloth. He had a kindness and love around him that was so real it was like it shined off him. I will never forget this story about Fr. Michael. About a year and a half ago or so, my son Xavier and I went for a ride. We ended up at the park behind the old WCCS school. We were playing on the swings and this man comes along. The man had a Detroit Tigers cap on his head and an navy blue coat. I turned to greet the man and I saw that it was Fr. Michael. I was very glad to see him. He came right over and gave me and Xavier both a hug. Xavier knew him from his Reg. Ed. classes and church. Fr. Michael sat there and talked to us for at least 45 minutes to a hour. We talked about all kinds of subjects, from baseball, to dogs, to his beloved homeland ( which my people are from as well ). As it started to get cold and darker, I asked if he wanted a ride home. He smiled and looked at me and said “son they are waiting for me over at the parish hall”. I was amazed. He had a meeting and yet he took the time to stop and talk to me and my son, and he did it for very close to an hour. Later I realized that Fr. Michael could tell that Xavier and I had been having a hard time that day. Xavier and I left our disagreement at the park. ” Blessed is the peacemaker for he is truly a child of GOD “. Thank you Father Michael, not just for that day but for all the other kind words you would have for as when we would enter the Church or after mass. Or just ran into you. For a while I was foolish enough to think that Xavier and I were your favorites, then it dawned on me that the whole parish and outside world were your favorites too. BLESS YOUR SOUL.

    • Well said! One felt the presence of God when he was around.

  105. So sorry to hear this news. What a loss to the community and his loved ones. May he continue to pray for us all ?

  106. Fr Mike you are a beautiful person inside and out side may the perpetual light shine soon you you will be missed but you are in a better place and you are with your family ❤️ may you rip ?

  107. May the angels lead you into paradise, Fr. Michael. You were truly appreciated by this family.

  108. May the good shepherd bring his gentle soul to his heavenly pasture.
    I recall going to Rome with him from the Greenford parish in 1984 I think
    RIP Father.

  109. Is there an address to donate to the Faraja Centre for disabled children in Esso..I saw a show on EWTN about it.. A women, Clare Edwards is a therapist there.

    • Dear V Kehoe,

      many thanks for your message and your generous wish to donate to the Faraja Centre, Arusha, Tanzania. You could send the donation by cheque to the Provincial Bursar, Pallottine Fathers, Sandyford Road, Dundrum, Dublin 16, Ireland, marking it as a donation for the work of Faraja Pallotti, he will make sure that it gets to the Project and to Clare Edwards.

      Many thanks and God bless

      Fr Derry Murphy, SAC.

  110. I would like to locate a Video about two Irish Priests (actual brothers from the same family) who were filmed in their area (maybe Africa).

    The Video was about 30 minutes. and the brothers had a very wide area to cover to visit their parishioners.

    The video was shown on EWTN some years ago- I contacted EWTN and they mentioned it might be the Pallettines —-but I am not sure about that.

    Would appreciate a response …thank you.

    Bridget Hunt
    Santa Monica

    • Dear Bridget,
      I have just read your query.
      I don’t think this video was about Pallottines. We have had several sets of brothers from the same family who were members of our Province but never working in Africa at the same time. The last remaining pair are both now in their 80s and while one of them did work in Africa up until 1992 the other brother worked in the US.
      God bless and I hope that your search is fruitful.

      Derry Murphy, SAC.

  111. Prayer Request Amen
    Please Enroll me Derek Gerard Solomon in Your Prayer Intentions Book
    I’m suffering with ill health
    St Michael Archangel Protect us Amen IHS

  112. A very deep and thoughtful reflection. We have a great opportunity to be truly ourselves and to live out our own spiritual life, to grow and to recognise that we have a deeply spiritual and caring community.

  113. He was the gentlest soul I have ever come across. He did give his all in everything. I fondly remember our conversations and the deep eye contact he made with everyone he spoke to.

  114. Just came across this on Facebook when I needed peace. Thank you, Fr Eamonn, especially for giving my father peace and my mother great comfort. We think of you often.

  115. I am saddened at Fr Noel’s demise but, I have hope that we shall meet him again. When he was our Parish Priest, I learnt a lot about what it means to be just and the joy of doing good.
    Everlastingly at it!

  116. Comments on Facebook:

    Monica Boggan Beautiful homily. God bless you Fr Jamie.

    Dolores Atwood Beautiful soul! I had an experience two weeks ago. I agreed with you ? father.

    Sarah Jordan Very well said

    Terry Buckley Great homily.

    Joan Lafferty Lovely homily Fr Jamie ,hope you all had a lovely day in knock

    Kathleen Flanagan Lovely homily Fr Jaimie .x

    Cathy Desmond Powerful homily by Fr. Jaimie, and a beautiful service. Fantastic day in Knock!

    Irene Carden Moran That’s beautiful thank you for sharing

    Bernie Healy Great homily, lovely day in Knock

    Therese Devaney Chris Garrett

    Anne Grant Well said

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  118. Congratulations to Phil as I sit here my mother Anne, she is very proud!! ❤️

  119. Congratulations and well done to you all, especially my lovely brother Phil. xx

  120. John McCarthy Congratulations to all and hello to all our Pallotine friends, God bless.

    Binay Barwa Congratulation. God bless you

    Mairead Downey Congratulations and God bless you all ❤️??

    Joan Lafferty Congratulation to all May god continue to bless you and your ministry

    Kathleen Germaine Brennan Thank God for all those who answered God`s call to priesthood.

    Chris Haslam Congratulations to all of you. What an achievement, service to God for 50 years. Such a blessing to us all. Thank you all as well

    Lidia Hanusiak Congrats to all❗
    God bless you☘?

    Michael John congratulations for your 50 years of service to our Father, especially Phillip Barry my uncle

    Joseph Cormican All great workers for the Lord, thanks for all your years of dedicated service.

    Oliver Savage Congratulations all

    Catherine Ryan Congrats to all. Great achievement

    Don Buckley Congrads to you all ..❤

    Caroline Verdon Congratulations all especially to our cousin Father Donal xx

    Sue Tokley Shirley Hegewald

    Susan Mooney Congratulations Donal & John

    Regina Forrest Congrats to you all

    Pablo Bocca Uno de los mejores equipos!!!!

    Zachary Andrew Warchoł Ad multos annos.

    Christopher Keeffe Congratulations Fr Donal.

    Mary Hennessy Rena Ryan Siobhan O’shea Judy Campbell Michael John Uncle Phil ❤️

  121. Congratulations to all, but especially to Fr Phil Barry

  122. Fr Noel and I go back to the summer of 1972 when we both as seminarians worked in Normansfield Hospital, Teddington as auxiliary nurses from June to September. What laughs we had over some of the more humorous situations we encountered there. It was the most memorable summer holiday I had during my time as a seminarian and all thanks to Noel. My brother priest you have gone before me but you will forever be cherished in my memories.
    Fr Kieran Gardiner

  123. Fr. Noel. has contributed alot to the person I am today. He was our priest at Dagorretti, Ngando, Kenya. He was one of the pioneers of the parish. We used to have Mass in the open. Today it is a Parish with many outstations. By then i was a young teenage girl. My best memories of him are the Esther Vigils. He really reached the souls of many youths. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

  124. It has been lovely to read about Fr. Noel and the memories you have. Fr. O’Connor as we knew him came to our parish in Greenford in the very early 1980’s. He had a kindness about him – this aura – that you knew he was a genuinely good and kind man. Fr O’Connor was so good to the youth of the parish – my sister and I belong to the Junior Legion of Mary and the Junior Pioneers, along with several of our friends. Fr. O’Connor would take us up to London for day trips – Harrods – we all bought a pencil just to get a Harrods bag! Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park – out on the Serpentine on the rowing boats. He would take us to Westminster Cathedral on a Sunday morning to get supplies for the repository shop. There would be about six of us jammed into his Mini. After our visit to the Cathedral, we gathered all our pennies together and shared chips from McDonalds. It was such a treat. We have so many great memories of Fr. O’Connor – he had great time for everyone and made each person feel so special. He would take time to visit parishioners, sit in the garden with a cup of tea or play football as one of my friend’s recalled when she texted me when she heard the sad news. When we were told he was leaving our parish, everyone was so sad but we knew that he would inspire and help so many people at his next parish which he did. I remember we had a leaving party for Fr. Noel and we bought him the 7″ single of Eddie Grant’s I Don’t Want to Dance – he loved that song and whenever I hear it on the radio, I always smile. We would exchange Christmas cards and St Patrick’s Day cards over the last few years and it was always lovely to receive his cards. There are many posts on Facebook on the Greenford Group Pages – all remembering Fr. Noel with great fondness and kindness. He left a lasting memory for all who knew him. We were blessed to have known Fr. Noel and will always remember him with love and kindness.

    • Thank you Nicola for your lovely messages remembering Noel,RIP. His 5 years in Greenford were important years, there he “cut his teeth” as a priest and this time marked the remainder of his 41 years of ministry.
      You painted a very vivid picture of who he was and how he was in those years.
      May he enjoy the eternal life of our living God.

      God bless

      Derry Murphy, SAC.

  125. It has been lovely to read about Fr. Noel and the memories you have. I won’t be able to write as eloquently but hope I can convey how much we treasure the memories of Fr. Noel. Fr. O’Connor, as we knew him, came to our parish in Greenford in the very early 1980’s. He had a kindness about him – an aura – you knew he was a genuinely good and kind man. And always with a smile on his face. Fr O’Connor was so good to the youth of the parish – my sister and I belonged to the Junior Legion of Mary and the Junior Pioneers alongside several of our friends. Fr. O’Connor would take us up to London for day trips – Harrods – we all bought a pencil just to get a Harrods bag! Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park – out on the Serpentine on the rowing boats. He would take us to Westminster Cathedral on a Sunday morning to get supplies for the repository shop. There would be about six of us jammed into his Mini I think he had. After our visit to the Cathedral, we gathered all our pennies together and shared chips from McDonalds. It was such a treat in those days to go to McD’s. Fr. O’Connor had great time for everyone and made each person feel important and special. He would take time to visit the parishioners in the parish, sit in their gardens with a cup of tea or play football as one of my friend’s recalled when she texted me when she heard the sad news. He loved Black Forest Gateau and my sister would make him one every few months which he absolutely loved. When we were told he was leaving our parish, everyone was devastated. We understood he was needed in places afar and that he would inspire and help so many people at his next parish, which he did. I remember we had a leaving party for Fr. Noel and we bought him the 7″ single of Eddie Grant’s I Don’t Want to Dance – he loved that song and whenever I hear it on the radio, I always smile and think of him. We exchanged Christmas and St Patrick’s Day cards over the last few years and it was always lovely to receive a card from him. There are many posts on Facebook on the Greenford Group Pages – all of which remember Fr. Noel with great fondness – after all the years that have passed – what a legacy to leave behind and he was only in Greenford for a few years. We were blessed to have known you Fr. Noel and will always remember you with love and kindness. Rest in Peace.

  126. I was lucky enough to give Fr. Noel tin whistle lessons a few years ago, and also some painting lessons. He had quite a dab hand with the brush. The chats and tea during those times showed me what a gentle soul, and filled with good humor he was. The world is a lesser place without him. May God embrace Noel’s wonderful soul.

    • Thank you Marc for that lovely message. Noel loved his painting in latter years, he found the space and time to give expression to spirit through it.
      God bless
      Derry Murphy.

  127. Noel attended St Luke’s Hospital, Rathgar in the last couple of years.
    Myself and colleague Ema work in the Art Room of the hospital and Noel visited us each day when he was receiving treatment.

    He was inspired by Tipperary, Irish nature and especially Hares (which he would always point out if I was mistakenly saying it was a rabbit!) which he taught me a lot about.
    I’m currently reading a novel about Tipp called “Knocknagow” because he was enthusiastic about it.

    We will really miss Noel more than we can articulate.
    We continued to accept him into the Art room each day for many months afterwards, even though he wasn’t continuously receiving treatment here in the hospital, and we really think he flourished with his creative mind here. He even gave Origami a try!

    We really hope that this helped him in the last couple of years.
    Rest in peace, Noel. Everytime I draw a hare I will think of you.

    • Thank you Lee for that lovely piece on Noel. I lived with him in Dundrum and know how important the visits to the Art Room in St Luke’s were to him, he would not miss any of the Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays if he could help it. Thanks to Emma and you for welcoming him, for assisting him with is productions while there and for providing him with a place where his spirit could explore beyond the mundane and the routine of sickness.
      God bless
      Derry Murphy.

  128. Thank you his beautiful tribute to Father Noel. Every word is true. Father Noel was my parish priest in Makiungu in the 80’s. He was very good to me and helped the patients in the hospital spiritually. when there was little hope they would get better.

  129. His body was in the Pallottine chapel one morning. I learned it was Fr. Noel`s about whom Fr. Monson had spoken -a companion and true missionary. May his good soul enjoy peace and rest in the Lord.

  130. A lovely human being who I’ll miss greatly. So compassionate, loving and gently. Rest in peace faithful servant.

    From my hometown in Wyandotte Michigan USA. St. Vincent Palloti parish.

  131. What a beautiful reflective article you have written echoing
    the gospel message which touches into your own life at this
    moment Thanks for that.

  132. The first time my husband and I met Fr Noel. Another Pallotine Fr TJ Moloney brought him to our Home in Deaborn Hts Michigan. (When he first came to Wyandotte Mich ) I made him a Cup a tea from Irish Tea. He just raved about it He Said that like Tea in Ireland. I never for got that. My Husband came from county Offaly near Tipperary county so he loved that. He was away so special to be around. We Miss him ☘????

  133. From Francis Okubasu Adams

    Fr Noel was my novice master in Arusha Tanzania. His smile was charming. May he rest in eternal peace.

  134. From Mary Scott

    May the peace of our Lord be with him always. Fr. Nole was so kind and caring to everyone . i remember when he came in to St. Joe’s he put his Notre Dame hat on my head and said ill get on my way back. I will miss him so. Rest in peace my dear friend . until we all me again !????

  135. From Betty Bond Mendenhall

    He came and blessed my home. I was very grateful. May he Rest In Peace.

  136. From Diane M. Smith

    He possessed such a tender and loving soul. Looking into his eyes brought me peace for sure. Wyandotte, Michigan.

  137. From Irene Carden Moran

    What a very special story you shared with us so touching for which I thank you, I love the fact that you said the Divine Mercy at the time you beloved friend was leaving this world. May his gentle soul now rest in peace

  138. From Peter O’Connor

    Wow, as a nephew of Noel I feel such great pride on hearing your words about him. They obviously come from a very honest and pure place in your heart. I will be honest and say that my granmother was the well that we all drew our faith from. Thank you everyone who expressed their condolences, it means so much to his family that Noel meant so much to so many.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts about Father Noel. It helps to bring him back a little. I made tea for Noel at our MMM home in the Bronx, but could not find the Barry’s tea we had someplace and gave him Lipton. Even 2 bags of it was not as good as Irish tea. Noel told me he had to fly to his Mission Appeals in the USA because he could not get a cup of decent tea anywhere.
      He was very good to me as a Parish Priest in Makiungu in the 80’s. We were very spiritually and humanly looked after.
      One day, A Muslim man was dying and I asked him if he would liked to be blessed by Father Noel who was usually found in the hospital looking after the sick patients. The man said yes and I know Noel gave him God’s presence and peace. Thank you Father Noel.

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  140. That is really lovely with some lovely images and brings back some lovely memories. It certainly was important to him who beat who in hurling. May he Rest in Peace.

  141. May the good Lord receive FR NOEL,S soul in heaven I thank God for your life here at ST VINCENTPALLOTTI parish at Esso Arusha Tanzania we will miss you very very much Fr

  142. Thanks for sharing your very special and precious visit to your friend Fr. Noel. Though it wasn`t easy it must have left you with a loving memory to be cherished.

  143. What a shock to read that Fr.Noel has gone to heaven.
    I met Fr.Noel when I was going through treatment at the Beacon hospital,his sense of humour helped me so much.
    May he rest in peace.

  144. Oh is my friend Fr. Noel gone! “A priest whom you always see a charming face on him! A marvelous pastor, full of Christ’s zeal to loving his sheep! Very rich with Homiletic instructions” May the Risen Lord Jesus, rest you in his eternal peace!

  145. May his good soul rest in peace;He was a good and open mindend servant of God;missing his daily morning mass in that tinned church cum church office,such memories will continue to click in my mind for long,how together with Shosho (Cucu) were dedicated to serve and ensure success of the activities of the Dagoretti parish

  146. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of Father Noels life. He was such a blessing to me when my mother was ill. He will be missed dearly. ❤

  147. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. Fr. Noel touched so many lives. He had a way about him that made you feel like you were one of his closest friends. He shared so many stories with me. I treasure every moment that we shared together.

  148. My deepest sympathy to all of fr Noel family friends and his pallottines community may his gentle soul R.i.p
    A wonderful person the bed of heaven to him

  149. Hi Almighty Father in heaven and around us, I, as one of the many son’s and daughters of Padre Noel from Kenya and in this distressed moment,express our love,concern and appreciation for the short time Fr. Noel showered us all with true love of a father in Dagoretti corner-Sacred Heart parish. I’ve lost a friend,a father, a catechist, spiritual guider,the list is endless,you were and still close to my heart. Though, you might not be here with us physically but we rest assured that together with your Patron saint. Vincent Pallotti, we shall continue praying for one another soul till the end of times in heaven. May your soul rest in peace baba paroko.

    From Jackson Ndege

  150. May the good Lord receive Fr. Joel’s soul in Heaven. I thank God for your life here on earth. Rest in Peace my Father and friend.

  151. May the soul of my Boss Parish Priest at st. Vincent rest in Peace. I will miss his sense of humour.

    • He always had a lively and lovely short morning mass;what about the few feast he organized for us in the House

  152. You’ve summed Helen up beautifully Fr. Eamonn, huge thanks ❤… she was so special to us all. United in prayer for this special lady xx

  153. please pray for martin Lawrence for healing and strength and for my family for peace and happiness healing

  154. I love The verses of ” Grotto” there is so much in each wee verse that speaks of your early spiritual story including fun, joy,spirituality and of course devotion to Mary.
    To sum it up in one word Beautiful!

  155. I love “Grotto” there is so much in each wee verse that speaks of your early spiritual story, including fun, joy, spirituality and of course devotion to Mary-an Mhaighdean Beannaithe. Beautiful!

  156. Thank God for his life and for his generous response to his Pallottine call to serve Him. May the Lord have mercy on his soul.

  157. greetings of the Risen lord am Sylvester makau leaving in nairobi currently working with physical planning firm here in the county iwould like to join your congregation for brother hood kindly advice

  158. I thank God for Fr. Thomas`s life. May the Lord reward him for answering the call to Priesthood and for and for his years spent in the Pallottine order.

  159. Thanks Eamonn for this illustration of reverence and humility which we all need to keep in mind as we prepare for the ceremony of the washing of feet.

  160. May the Lord have mercy on his soul! and may his spiritual legacy be a continual inspiration to those who knew him!

  161. Please pray that God will give me the Grace to forgive my sister the pain she has caused me.

  162. Dear fr
    I am inquiring about the retreating march.
    What does it entail.
    Is it family tree?
    Is there any spaces left ?
    What is the price ?
    Thank you

    • Dear Caroline,
      Many thanks for your query.
      Best to contact the College in Thurles and they can give you the information. Telephone 0504 21202.

      God bless.

  163. Delighted you’re in Lourdes, Eamonn Please pray for my intentions.My sister Ita fell today and got some stitches in forhead. Also pray that I’ll grow close to the Lord and Our Lady May you too increase your great love for Mary. With. Love Ger

  164. greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ please I will like to know how to forward my letter to the vacation director due to the love I developed after reading about the pallotine fathers

    • Dear Edward,

      I have received your query. It depends on the country you are living in, can you tell me where you live and I will direct you to the vocations director.

      God bless.

  165. A great day for all Pallottines and may their prayers and intercessions be answered and may many be drawn to follow Christ as priests, brothers sisters and lay people

  166. Happy Feast Day Fr Derry.
    May the love of God
    Urge you on
    Sarah Jordan

  167. Thanks for the opportunity to join with you in prayer and to be part of the Novena prayer. May you all have a happy day. I congratulate you on the wonderful photography early in the morning! Have a happy day!

  168. Thanks for including in this Novena, may we all be united in prayer and be strengthened by our joining together in prayer. Thanks also for commentary on your beautiful Morning experience.Praise the Lord for his wonders.

  169. Its a privilege to join with the Pallottine Fathers,Sisters, Brothers and associates. May Our Lady Queen of apostles intercede for us all.

  170. Lovely to get to know Vincent Pallotti`s spirituality and to join with all his followers in prayer Thank You.

  171. Thanks for the prayer using St Vincent’s words and Pope Francis’ document. Bless you. ?

  172. I ask you to bless me, my community my family now as I present my petitions to God.

  173. Grazie del profondo messaggio. Veramente, Jesus trovando posto di nascere e crescere nel nostro cuore, Lui si fa presente nel mondo e permite lo svilupo della justizia e pace. Buon Natale a tutti/e.