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  1. Thank you his beautiful tribute to Father Noel. Every word is true. Father Noel was my parish priest in Makiungu in the 80’s. He was very good to me and helped the patients in the hospital spiritually. when there was little hope they would get better.

  2. His body was in the Pallottine chapel one morning. I learned it was Fr. Noel`s about whom Fr. Monson had spoken -a companion and true missionary. May his good soul enjoy peace and rest in the Lord.

  3. A lovely human being who I’ll miss greatly. So compassionate, loving and gently. Rest in peace faithful servant.

    From my hometown in Wyandotte Michigan USA. St. Vincent Palloti parish.

  4. What a beautiful reflective article you have written echoing
    the gospel message which touches into your own life at this
    moment Thanks for that.

  5. The first time my husband and I met Fr Noel. Another Pallotine Fr TJ Moloney brought him to our Home in Deaborn Hts Michigan. (When he first came to Wyandotte Mich ) I made him a Cup a tea from Irish Tea. He just raved about it He Said that like Tea in Ireland. I never for got that. My Husband came from county Offaly near Tipperary county so he loved that. He was away so special to be around. We Miss him ☘🇺🇸🇮🇪

  6. From Francis Okubasu Adams

    Fr Noel was my novice master in Arusha Tanzania. His smile was charming. May he rest in eternal peace.

  7. From Mary Scott

    May the peace of our Lord be with him always. Fr. Nole was so kind and caring to everyone . i remember when he came in to St. Joe’s he put his Notre Dame hat on my head and said ill get on my way back. I will miss him so. Rest in peace my dear friend . until we all me again !🙏🙏🙏😥

  8. From Diane M. Smith

    He possessed such a tender and loving soul. Looking into his eyes brought me peace for sure. Wyandotte, Michigan.

  9. From Irene Carden Moran

    What a very special story you shared with us so touching for which I thank you, I love the fact that you said the Divine Mercy at the time you beloved friend was leaving this world. May his gentle soul now rest in peace

  10. From Peter O’Connor

    Wow, as a nephew of Noel I feel such great pride on hearing your words about him. They obviously come from a very honest and pure place in your heart. I will be honest and say that my granmother was the well that we all drew our faith from. Thank you everyone who expressed their condolences, it means so much to his family that Noel meant so much to so many.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts about Father Noel. It helps to bring him back a little. I made tea for Noel at our MMM home in the Bronx, but could not find the Barry’s tea we had someplace and gave him Lipton. Even 2 bags of it was not as good as Irish tea. Noel told me he had to fly to his Mission Appeals in the USA because he could not get a cup of decent tea anywhere.
      He was very good to me as a Parish Priest in Makiungu in the 80’s. We were very spiritually and humanly looked after.
      One day, A Muslim man was dying and I asked him if he would liked to be blessed by Father Noel who was usually found in the hospital looking after the sick patients. The man said yes and I know Noel gave him God’s presence and peace. Thank you Father Noel.

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  12. That is really lovely with some lovely images and brings back some lovely memories. It certainly was important to him who beat who in hurling. May he Rest in Peace.

  13. May the good Lord receive FR NOEL,S soul in heaven I thank God for your life here at ST VINCENTPALLOTTI parish at Esso Arusha Tanzania we will miss you very very much Fr

  14. Thanks for sharing your very special and precious visit to your friend Fr. Noel. Though it wasn`t easy it must have left you with a loving memory to be cherished.

  15. What a shock to read that Fr.Noel has gone to heaven.
    I met Fr.Noel when I was going through treatment at the Beacon hospital,his sense of humour helped me so much.
    May he rest in peace.

  16. Oh is my friend Fr. Noel gone! “A priest whom you always see a charming face on him! A marvelous pastor, full of Christ’s zeal to loving his sheep! Very rich with Homiletic instructions” May the Risen Lord Jesus, rest you in his eternal peace!

  17. May his good soul rest in peace;He was a good and open mindend servant of God;missing his daily morning mass in that tinned church cum church office,such memories will continue to click in my mind for long,how together with Shosho (Cucu) were dedicated to serve and ensure success of the activities of the Dagoretti parish

  18. Thank you for sharing this beautiful part of Father Noels life. He was such a blessing to me when my mother was ill. He will be missed dearly. ❤

  19. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. Fr. Noel touched so many lives. He had a way about him that made you feel like you were one of his closest friends. He shared so many stories with me. I treasure every moment that we shared together.

  20. My deepest sympathy to all of fr Noel family friends and his pallottines community may his gentle soul R.i.p
    A wonderful person the bed of heaven to him

  21. Hi Almighty Father in heaven and around us, I, as one of the many son’s and daughters of Padre Noel from Kenya and in this distressed moment,express our love,concern and appreciation for the short time Fr. Noel showered us all with true love of a father in Dagoretti corner-Sacred Heart parish. I’ve lost a friend,a father, a catechist, spiritual guider,the list is endless,you were and still close to my heart. Though, you might not be here with us physically but we rest assured that together with your Patron saint. Vincent Pallotti, we shall continue praying for one another soul till the end of times in heaven. May your soul rest in peace baba paroko.

    From Jackson Ndege

  22. May the good Lord receive Fr. Joel’s soul in Heaven. I thank God for your life here on earth. Rest in Peace my Father and friend.

  23. May the soul of my Boss Parish Priest at st. Vincent rest in Peace. I will miss his sense of humour.

  24. You’ve summed Helen up beautifully Fr. Eamonn, huge thanks ❤… she was so special to us all. United in prayer for this special lady xx

  25. please pray for martin Lawrence for healing and strength and for my family for peace and happiness healing

  26. I love The verses of ” Grotto” there is so much in each wee verse that speaks of your early spiritual story including fun, joy,spirituality and of course devotion to Mary.
    To sum it up in one word Beautiful!

  27. I love “Grotto” there is so much in each wee verse that speaks of your early spiritual story, including fun, joy, spirituality and of course devotion to Mary-an Mhaighdean Beannaithe. Beautiful!

  28. Thank God for his life and for his generous response to his Pallottine call to serve Him. May the Lord have mercy on his soul.

  29. greetings of the Risen lord am Sylvester makau leaving in nairobi currently working with physical planning firm here in the county iwould like to join your congregation for brother hood kindly advice

  30. I thank God for Fr. Thomas`s life. May the Lord reward him for answering the call to Priesthood and for and for his years spent in the Pallottine order.

  31. Thanks Eamonn for this illustration of reverence and humility which we all need to keep in mind as we prepare for the ceremony of the washing of feet.

  32. May the Lord have mercy on his soul! and may his spiritual legacy be a continual inspiration to those who knew him!

  33. Please pray that God will give me the Grace to forgive my sister the pain she has caused me.

  34. Dear fr
    I am inquiring about the retreating march.
    What does it entail.
    Is it family tree?
    Is there any spaces left ?
    What is the price ?
    Thank you

    • Dear Caroline,
      Many thanks for your query.
      Best to contact the College in Thurles and they can give you the information. Telephone 0504 21202.

      God bless.

  35. Delighted you’re in Lourdes, Eamonn Please pray for my intentions.My sister Ita fell today and got some stitches in forhead. Also pray that I’ll grow close to the Lord and Our Lady May you too increase your great love for Mary. With. Love Ger

  36. greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ please I will like to know how to forward my letter to the vacation director due to the love I developed after reading about the pallotine fathers

    • Dear Edward,

      I have received your query. It depends on the country you are living in, can you tell me where you live and I will direct you to the vocations director.

      God bless.

  37. A great day for all Pallottines and may their prayers and intercessions be answered and may many be drawn to follow Christ as priests, brothers sisters and lay people

  38. Happy Feast Day Fr Derry.
    May the love of God
    Urge you on
    Sarah Jordan

  39. Thanks for the opportunity to join with you in prayer and to be part of the Novena prayer. May you all have a happy day. I congratulate you on the wonderful photography early in the morning! Have a happy day!

  40. Thanks for including in this Novena, may we all be united in prayer and be strengthened by our joining together in prayer. Thanks also for commentary on your beautiful Morning experience.Praise the Lord for his wonders.

  41. Its a privilege to join with the Pallottine Fathers,Sisters, Brothers and associates. May Our Lady Queen of apostles intercede for us all.

  42. Lovely to get to know Vincent Pallotti`s spirituality and to join with all his followers in prayer Thank You.

  43. Thanks for the prayer using St Vincent’s words and Pope Francis’ document. Bless you. 🌷

  44. I ask you to bless me, my community my family now as I present my petitions to God.

  45. Interesting reading–I`ve taught children of all ages for the Sacraments but I always go back to my early teaching days when in a country school they received Communion in Senior Infants these wee kids were so open to the love of Jesus that they have been etched on my heart ever since.

  46. Grazie del profondo messaggio. Veramente, Jesus trovando posto di nascere e crescere nel nostro cuore, Lui si fa presente nel mondo e permite lo svilupo della justizia e pace. Buon Natale a tutti/e.