I surrender give and offer my whole self

Pallottine Consecration
Pescador de Hombres / Fisher of Men

We pray with a meek and humble heart that the deaths of our Pallottine brothers may finally be recognised.


The Provincial Assembly of the Mother of Divine Love Province is currently taking place on Zoom with participants from Ireland, Rome, Argentina, USA, England and East Africa.

Mary Queen of Apostles and St. Vincent Pallotti pray that this may be a Cenacle experience for us all and bear fruit in the Apostolates of our times.

“There is no growth without some form of crisis and no victory without a battle” (Pope Francis)

O Mary, Mother of Hope, guide and strengthen your children who are struggling with the difficulties and disappointments of life. Help us to keep our trust in God and never despair of His help, no matter how great our suffering may be.

You who stood by the Cross of Jesus, be with us in our times of sorrow, and through your motherly intercession, gives us the hope and courage to struggle on in the face of all life’s sorrows, failures and betrayals.

Save us from the sin of despair, and grant your protection especially to those who are depressed or suicidal, to those who are frightened, and to all those who are overburdened by the problems and sorrows of life.

“I fear nothing, because of the promises of Heaven; for I have cast myself into the hands of Almighty God, who reigns everywhere. As the prophet says: Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you” (The Confession of St. Patrick)

“When the music changes, as it inevitably does with the passage of time it can be a signal to start learning some new dance steps, otherwise you can end up sitting on the sidelines” (David Latimer)

“You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Move on, continue your journey, go to the highlands” (Deuteronomy 1:6-7)