St. Vincent Pallotti Feastday 2024 – Liam McClarey SAC

Bishop Donal Murray in his 2017 book ‘ In A Landscape Redrawn ‘ quotes from the 1991 work of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks ‘ The Persistence of Faith ‘, where he speaks of ‘ a profound redrawing of our moral landscape ‘.

The Feast of The Epiphany prays that we may be guided by the light of wisdom in every path of life.

Every New Year in some way presents us with ‘a redrawn landscape’ that we might lose sight of, as we recommence or repeat the cycle of last year – be it in the Sacramental programmes or something administrative.

At a recent Safeguarding Conference Fr Barry O’Sullivan presented ” Spirituality and Safeguarding in the context of Catholic Social Teaching. ” He referred to the sin against the Holy Spirit and wondered what this might be? His response was the sin of despair!

We rightly make plans and have different ongoing projects,  but we are reminded among others by Pope Benedict that ‘ only the Infinite can fill the heart.’

St  Vincent Pallotti refers often to the Infinite in relation to God and especially to the Infinite Love and Infinite Mercy of God. 

Wherever we are in the Province may the Infinite Love and Mercy of God touch us in our deepest being and whilst retaining our questions may God remove any despair from us to enable us individually and as a community to be joyful participants with God and with all God’s people in redrawing the particular landscape where we find ourselves.  

       Wishing you a blessed Feast Day

                       God bless