Christmas 2021

On a day when Ireland records its highest figure of over 11,000 cases it is
good that we can still gather & pray. Therefore I hope in your apostolate you are able to gather and celebrate this Holy Night.

We are all one family- we are not alone- Jesus IS with us. 

Our Saviour … was born today: let us be glad. For there is no proper place for sadness, when we keep the birthday of the Life, which destroys the fear of mortality and brings us to the joy of promised eternity. No-one is kept from sharing in this happiness. There is for all one common measure of joy, because as Our Lord the destroyer of sin and death finds no-one free from charge, so is He come to free us all.  

“Let the Saints exult in that they draw near to victory. Let the sinner be glad in that they are invited to pardon. 

Christian be aware of your nobility. Christian be aware of your nobility.

You are not alone to-night.” (Pope St Leo The Great)

In our Pallottine Community Prayer Book we read:

“Almighty God, in a wonderful manner you created us in our human dignity, and in an even more wonderful manner you redeemed us. 

Give us a share in the Divine Life of your Son, who took upon himself our human nature.”

           Wishing you and yours every Blessing of this Christmas season,

                                           God Bless,