Brother Bert Meyer sac – E-BULLETIN #122


Brothers set off (to) become God-Seekers

On the last day of the visitation to the Heart of Jesus Province, Fr Jacob Nampudakam dedicated his time to two brothers at the Provincialate in Friedberg. His aim was to invite these brothers to give personal testimonies of their lives, works and vision for the benefit of the entire Pallottine family. In Pallotti’s vision ours is always a community of priests and brothers (Law SAC, 1). So our Society is complete only when there are also brothers. For that to happen perhaps the most important point is that we all need to “feel like brothers” as Pallottines, with varied gifts and responsibilities. For a long time now the different General Assemblies, and Rector Generals, have been trying to give a new impetus to the vocation and mission of brothers in the Society and in the entire Union. bert

The following are the responses to several questions presented to Br Bert Meyer sac, the Mission Secretary of the Heart of Jesus Province in Germany and Austria:

Br Bert, would you kindly introduce yourself? 

My name is Bert Meyer, 43 years old. I am from the northwest of Germany. I have been a Pallottine brother since 1991. Between 1987 and 1989 I was an apprentice carpenter in the Pallottine Mission House in Limburg. During my professional formation in Limburg I was impressed by the life and the work of the brothers in different workshops. My novice master in Untermerzbach was Fr Fritz Kretz (1989-1991). Just one day after my first profession the Provincial Fr Karl Heinen asked if I was interested to go as a missionary to Cameroon.

Br Bert, which are the apostolic works in which you became involved in Cameroon and are now doing as Mission Secretary of the Heart of Jesus Province? 

During my 12 years in Cameroon I worked as a carpenter with local craftsmen. I became experienced in building construction and the development of a carpenter formation center in a small village called Elat-Minkom. Beyond that I initiated small scale projects and became known by people from the German Organisation in the capital, Yaoundé. The work in Cameroon was hard but, reflecting back, this time was for me the real novitiate! My faith in God grew in Cameroon. In 2008 I handed over the workshop to Cameroonian hands and went back to Germany, full of experiences.

Today Ibert2 work as the Mission Secretary in Friedberg and promote social projects in South America, Africa and Asia.

Br Bert, what is your vision or understanding of a Pallottine Brother? 

Brothers set off on a path with God. They become God-Seekers.

Br Bert, what more can we do in order to give a new impulse to the vocation and mission of a Pallottine Brother in the world today? 

Pallottines are not diocesans and don’t feel like diocesans. They live and promote new awakenings of the Church (Cenacle and Small Christian Communities). They see themselves as missionaries, ready to go everywhere.

Bert Meyer sac [CJ] – Friedberg – GERMANY