The Five Pallottine Martyrs Anniversary July 4th


Lord, You chose from among the men and women of our people your sons Alfredo, Pedro, Alfie, Salvador and Emilio, giving them the grace to share the same option for the Gospel. Grant that the message that they proclaimed in the unity of their lives until their violent death, we may announce it animated by that same spirit and with the strength of your love. We pray with a meek and humble heart that the death of our Pallottine brothers may finally be recognised. Award them the endless light and peace, and to those who cut short their lives, repentance and conversion in fullness. Through Christ our Lord, source of all true peace. Amen!

July 4th marks the Anniversary of the deaths of Frs. Alfie Kelly, Alfie Leaden, Peter Dufau, professed student Salvador Barbeito and student Jose Emilio Barletti. Each anniversary brings them to mind in a particular way. Each day someone somewhere remembers and/or speaks of them.

I have become aware in recent months of a dedicated group who meet on the 4th of each month in prayer for the Cause of the Beatification of the five (los cinco). It is an incredible testimony to these men and those who continue to speak for them. A homily from earlier in 1976 was the text for one meeting. The relevance today of the interpretation of the Scripture passage was quite striking.

One, Cardinal Bergoglio was the principal celebrant 20 years ago on the occasion of the 25th anniversary. Indeed, Pope Francis was Fr Alfie Kelly’s confessor. This year Mass in San Patricio Belgrano will be presided by Mons. Joaquin Mariano Sucunza, Vicar General of Buenos Aires.

In the courtyard of San Silvestro in Capite, Rome there is a memorial to the five. It refers to Revelation 7:14, ‘These are the people who have been through the great persecution, and have washed their robes white again in the blood of the lamb.’
These five men are an essential part of the history of our Mother of Divine Love Province and of the Argentinian Church. It is important that throughout the Province we mark the anniversary. We remember the five men who were and remain part of our Community. We also remember their families, those affected by their lives and deaths and pledge to support those who meet monthly and who continue to further the cause of “los cinco”.

God Bless,

Father Liam McClarey SCA, Provincial Rector

Events for this weekend may be followed live on the following links:

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